Lombardy Missed Point of Missing Keres Games

The 1948 World Championship Tournament was reported in CHESS by Harry Golombek, who implied that Paul Keres was forced to lose four games in a row to Botvinnik. Keres wrote a book called Sto Partii which was published in three volumes, but he did not mention the 1948 Tournament. William Lombardy reviewed Golombek’s book and criticized Keres for not mentioning the 1948 Tournament. Lombardy is irresponsible and negligent because in Sto Partii Keres did give his results in that tournament. Why did Golombek delete it from the English edition? He knew Keres was forced to lose to Botvinnik but couldn’t say anything because Keres asked him not to. So Golombek did the next best thing and didn’t mention the tournament at all.

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