HELP! Chess Sets Needed in Prisons

HELP! I have written to every prison in the State of Washington asking if they want any chess sets. A prison official called and said they can use forty sets. The second prison official that called said they can use forty sets. That’s the way it goes.

Forty tournament size solid plastic sets and forty vinyl boards cost $174 plus postage. Aha! Because of the new postal rates this is very expensive.

I would also like to send them chess books. I buy them wholesale from Dover Publisher.

My income is $1,000 per month and I get food stamps. I have very little money with which to buy sets and books.

Please send money for my Prison Chess Program. Make check payable to:

James Schroeder
3011 E. 9th St.
Apt. 15
Vancouver, WA 98661

phone (360) 258-9401

Please send chess books in good condition and chess clocks. The only magazines I can use are NEW IN CHESS and SQUARES.Please publicize. Post in Internet and at Clubs, Tournaments, etc. Get permission first.

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Christine Allen
Christine Allen
14 years ago

Dear Mr. Schroeder,

My fiance is in Clinton Correctional Facility in NYS. He would like to receive a vinyl board and solid pieces. I would be happy to pay for it, plus the bobbie fischer book, so that he could learn to play. Please let me know how much it would be. Thanks.


The Butcher
14 years ago

Chris –

Mr. Schroeder does not at this time have internet access. You can write or call him:

James Schroeder
3011 E. 9th St.
Apt. #15
Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 258-9401

You can buy a good club set from the USCF for $8 —

… and board for $3.50 —

… and clock for $21 —

\”Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess\” is a checkmates book that can be used without a board — $8 from USCF — seems a bit pricey for a short book — I have a copy I could give you. A classic beginner\’s book is \”The Game of Chess\” by Siegbert Tarrasch, which you may order via Mr. Schroeder.

Please reply via email with any further questions.