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The Ohio Championship Games of James Schroeder – 1950 and 1985

James Schroeder won the Ohio Chess Championship in 1950. When he won again in 1985, as co-champion with Calvin Blocker, he became the two-time champion with the longest time before repeating — 35 years. He went without a loss in both championship tournaments, scoring 5-0-1 (W-L-D) in 1950, and 4-0-2 in 1985. Here are his games from those two tournaments.

The Shredder Schroeder Game

  by James Schroeder My first Brilliancy. Julius Goodman – James Schroeder; Ohio Championship 1949 Click on any move for game board. Al Horowitz published that game in Chess Review and called me Shredder Schroeder, which added a great amount…