[Invective Here!] USCF Denies Schroeder U.S. Open Honor

The Executive Board of the U.S. Chess Federation: Ruth Haring, Greg Walters, Allen Priest, Mike Nieman, Mitchell Atkins, Jim Berry, Bill Goichberg, have voted to not honor me with an award at the 2012 U.S. Open chess Tournament in Vancouver, Washington. Look in your Funk & Wagnalls for words to express my opinion of them. Invectives, derogatory, vituperative, caustic. Being a gentleman of refined habits, I never employ such language and decline to lower myself into their midden-heap.

Should they change their collective minds, please disregard this compendious missive.

— James Schroeder, “The most honored name in chess”

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9 years ago

Screw those A**holes. Let them praise all the freak sponges in lieu of those who truly brought knowledge and inspiration to the game, as well as made significant contributions to the progression of the game.

Your efforts will be appreciated for a long time to come, regardless.