Book Sale! All Proceeds to Prison Chess Program

Please direct inquiries about books in this list to James Schroeder by phone (360-258-9401) or mail (address below).

For Sale. Prices shown are with postage paid. Send your name and address, list of the books you want, and a check payable to James Schroeder for the total amount to:

James Schroeder
3011 E. 9th St.
Apt. #15
Vancouver, WA 98661

  • Der Internationale Schachkongress zu Barmen 1905: GERMAN; long algebraic. Fabulous! 122 players and 500 games with annotations. 630pp; poor condition; binding gone. Easy to read; has a mountain of information about the players, their occupations, their records, etc. AND sheet music for the Barber-Schach-Congress-Marsch. Every master in the world played except Emanuel Lasker. Big tournament, little tournaments, etc. $25.00
  • “200 Open Games” by David Bronstein: Dover; out of print. All begin with 1 PK4 PK4. Bronstein tells the story of each game. Very instructive and useful for tournament players, including postal tournaments. $20.00
  • “Understanding Chess” by William Lombardy: 311pp; 119 annotated games; 37 games by other players. CHESS BOOK OF THE YEAR! 2011. Anecdotes and stories. Recommended by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan. Grandmaster Lombardy put forth great effort because he thinks he is a great teacher. 2 copies. Figurine algebraic. Superb printing and binding. REDUCED PRICE – $40.00
  • “Chess Duels: My games with the world champions” by Yasser Seirawan: Hardbound; 424pp. Large diagrams; great printing. 56 games with annotations. Smyslov, Tal (W4 D1), Petrosian, Spassky, Karpov, Kasparov. Autographed. $25.00
  • “Ostende 1906” by Dale Brandreth: The greatest tournament book I have seen in the English language. Hardbound; long algebraic. The greatest tournament of all time where the world champion didn’t play. Started with 36 players who played in a series of tournaments. Schlechter 21-9, Maroczy 20-10. Photographs and short sketches of each player. Large print; great diagrams. $35.00
  • “Schlechter’s Chess Games” by Tom Crain: Brandreth Publisher. Hardbound; short algebraic. Carl Schlechter was the greatest combinational player of his time. He played for mate! 63 tournaments (Vienna 1893 – Budapest 1918). 8 matches. No notes. USED. Cross tables of each tournament. $25.00
  • “Grandmaster from Oregon: Life and Games of Arthur Dake” by Casey Bush: Limp cover. Great printing and diagrams. A very adventurous life and a master at checkers and a grandmaster at chess. I helped write this book. Won 13 Drew 5 in 1935 FIDE Team Tournament. 59 games. Many photographs. $25.00
  • “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Tom Furstenberg and David Bronstein: This is one of the greatest chess books of all time. Bronstein was the best chess player in the world for many years, but had mental problems and did not want to become world champion. I think there are 200 games and forty positions with combinations. Figurine algebraic. $35.00
  • Bobby Fischer Complete Games – Lou Hays: Broken binding. Algebraic. 942 games. Cross tables of all tournaments. USED. He was peerless and his style will never be equalled in the future. $20.00
  • “1972 World Chess Championship: Robert Fischer – Boris Spassky” by Jan Timman: Limp cover. Good printing and diagrams. This is the typical hard work of a grandmaster who wants to understand everything and explain everything. Long analysis. Photographs. What Timman didn’t know was that Spassky was weak with bishops and great with knights, and a poor endgame player. Thus, his anlysis is technically correct, but not practical. $20.00
  • “Art of Attack in Chess” by Vladimir Vukovic: The greatest book on the subject — nothing else is even close! Limp cover; 351pp. Great printing and diagrams. “Don’t give useless checks!” USED $25.00
  • “Stockholm 1937: The Lost Olympiad”: FIDE team tournament. Limp cover. Used. Marvelous! 266 games in algebraic notation. Complete records of all the players. Reshevsky, Fine, Kashdan, Marshall, Horowitz. $25.00
  • “Chess Praxis” by A. Nimzovich: Dover. USED. 109 games with analysis and very instructive advice. Descriptive notation. Nimzovich was a great player and thought he was a great teacher. $20.00

PRISON CHESS PROGRAM – All money from the sale of those books will be donated to my prison chess program. I send books and sets to jail birds.

— James Schroeder

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