How to Beat “Schredder Schroeder”

MANY YEARS AGO I decided, by making a chart of past results, that I was due to have a BAD tournament. I went to Indiana to get it over with – not wanting to have a bad result in any important event in Ohio. I played terribly and almost everyone beat me. I had Black against Hugh Myers and played one of my worst games, losing the exchange. I had a good chance to draw but Myers actually begged me to resign! – saying he had to meet a train or bus with his mother or some other relative on it. I resigned. The only other person who ever asked me to resign was Marion Antunovich. In a postal game he won a Pawn. This was a middle-game and there was nothing certain about him winning, but he begged me to resign, saying that if I did he would win the tournament. I resigned. I AM NOT COMPLAINING! Just think how lucky I am that more players didn’t ask me to resign. Instead of getting a reputation as a fearsome attacking player (“Schredder Schroeder” was how the great critic, Al Horowitz, referred to me), I would have been everybody’s patsy. No wins. No draws. All losses.

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