World Champ Chess

I see today’s (rnd.7–ed.) latest World Champ Chess game was another draw. Topalov cannot make any headway against Kramnik unless the latter decides not to show up. There have been many strange occurances in World Championships past–remember the Karpov/Korchnoi encounters, the first Karpov/Kasparov match, or even Fischer/Spassky?–but the “Toiletgate” stunt pulled by Team Topalov was one of the most disgustingly transparent attempts to derail a WCC match ever! These guys should be ashamed of themselves. And for Topalov to get a point off a forfeit is an abomination! I hope Kramnik creams this idiot and sends the “FIDE World Champ” back to the footnotes of chess history where he belongs.

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